what is dxm

PillsDXM (Dextromethorphan) is the main ingredient for many cough and cold medicines sold over the counter. It eases a cough by working on the part of the brain that controls coughing there by providing significant relief. However it does not cure the cough and will therefore come with many other ingredients in a drug for greater effectiveness.

When prescribed by a doctor dxm comes in a number of forms such as tablet form, liquid capsules, a dissolving strip or a lozenge taken orally and is usually taken according to the prescription instructions given. Its effects may last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending on the type taken i.e Whether it is the long acting or the short acting type.

Its side effects
When dextromethorphan is taken normally it has mild side effects that pass after a while. Some of these effects include feeling drowsy, stomach upset, feeling on edge, light headedness or dizzy.

How to know you have taken too much
When taken in large quantities dextromethorphan is known to cause effects such as those caused by dissociative drugs, which are drugs that cause someone to feel detached from the environment as well as a distorted sense of reality in addition to a feeling similar to that of being high. This is commonly referred to as robotripping, dex or skittling.

Taking too much dxm will result in an overdose which will manifest itself in a number of physical symptoms such as breathing difficulty, blurred vision, hallucinations, a rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure(may cause a stroke),  nausea or vomiting, a raised body temperature and in severe cases a coma or convulsions.

If you or someone you know experiences any of these overdose symptoms you need to get them medical attention as soon as possible in order to avoid any permanent damage or even the threat of death from the overdose.

Why it is dangerous
In many cases dxm will come as an ingredient in medications and therefore as you take that particular medication for the effects of dxm you will also be ingesting the other ingredients some of which when taken in very large quantities have severe side effects also.

Some of the ingredients that commonly come with dxm include:
-Decongestant – In large quantities it causes headaches, seizures, breathing problems and irregular heart rate.
-Expectorant – Causes vomiting in large quantities.
-Pain relievers – When taken in large quantities can cause liver damage.
-Antihistamine  -  This may interfere with coordination, heart rate or even cause a coma.
Dxm and alcohol
Mixing alcohol with dxm is especially dangerous since alcohol is known to interact with it in the body and causes the side effects of dxm to become greatly amplified and also increases the chances of an overdose even when a normal dose is taken.

Taking dxm with alcohol or other drugs could lead to very severe side effects as well as life threatening drug complications that would make it harder for medical personnel to reverse the effects of an overdose or save your life in case of an emergency.

Contrary to what many people think dxm is not a harmless drug ideal for a legal and cheap high. It is quite dangerous and the short lived effects are simply not worth risking your life over.